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  • Why is Frank LaRose part of a task force to frame President Trump for pushing “Election Misinformation?”

    According to reports, a task force is seeking to charge President Trump with a serious crime using those closest to him to glean information. This task force includes 24 Secretaries of State including Frank LaRose. The aim is to build a case for election disinformation. This would result in charging President Trump with advocating to overthrow a government, and if a solid argument can be made that he funded any audits (even a pen donation), they will bring charges forward.

    Listen to their OWN words in the video below. Frank LaRose is located in the top left of screen (at the beginning of the call he doesn’t appear onscreen until the 0:47 second mark and starts addressing as the co-chair of the group at the 3 minute mark).

  • Why did Frank help create JobsOhio – a nonprofit sponsored and funded by his daddy?

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