Maras For Secretary Of State


Tore Maras is an independent journalist who runs the politically focused news website

She has consistently and accurately broken news that few, if any other media would even touch, while pushing many stories into the public consciousness, at times, years before it begins trending everywhere.

Ms. Maras is the nationally syndicated host of The Tore Says Show, a popular podcast available on all major platforms, with video versions of her podcast regularly streamed and archived on the Rumble video hosting platform.

Tore began her broadcasting career with Red State Radio and is now a syndicated host of the Tore Says Show on the iHeartRadio network.

She has gained international notoriety as a government whistleblower and has been featured in the widely-viewed documentaries Shadow Gate and Shadow Gate 2.0., which can be found on any video platform excluding YouTube due to its unfairly biased and heavy-handed censorship.

Having served in the U.S. Navy and as a private government contractor, utilizing her background with gathering and analyzing foreign intelligence, she has applied her experience working as a localizer during the deployment of projects and operations both within the contiguous 48 states and the District of Columbia (CONUS) as well as outside of the continental United States (OCONUS).

She is a trained cryptolinguist, while also holding a completed degree in molecular and cellular physiology, along with her other formal training within the disciplines of computational linguistics, game theory, algorithmic machine learning and predictive analytics.

Tore has experience with sourcing and carrying out the implementation of operations during elections within both CONUS and OCONUS capacity. In addition, she is an amateur network tracer, a cryptographer and has worked over two decades in mathematical modeling and pattern analysis.

This extensive background within these varied fields, backed by her credentialed qualifications enables her to uniquely address a wide range of topics on her podcasts, website articles and social media platforms while coming from a perspective of first hand experience.

Tore is a single mother of two beautiful daughters, whose hard work ethic, adoration for Ohio and love of country has seen her at the forefront of fighting for Ohio and Ohioans long before making her decision to run for Ohio Secretary of State.

Ms. Maras will bring her knowledge, experience, tenacity and follow through to see to it that every Ohioan is equally represented regardless of political leaning, status or perceived class. This is the people’s office and it’s time we turned the focus back onto the people of Ohio, of which it is intended to represent.

From day one that Ms. Maras steps into office, the days of playing politics will be immediately discarded, as we return to the origins of putting the people over politics, the way our state’s constitution had always intended.

  • Trumplican – Ohio first – true servant to the people
  • Was a private contractor for federal agencies – helped rig elections in 44 countries and turned whistleblower to expose the truth about how elections are stolen with the election machines
  • Sued Mayfield school board and exposed that schools masked  children for money – federal case still active
  • Filed writ of mandamus against Mike DeWine to uphold Ohio Constitution Article I Section 21 on coercion to participate in health care systems as related to COVID mandates
  • Published a never-seen-before Halderman declaration in defamation lawsuit against Dominion
  • No electronic voting machines
  • Corporate transparency – will enforce Trump EO including on Les Wexner
  • Will not allow businesses to operate in Ohio who do not uphold the Ohio and U.S. Constitution and medical freedom
  • Will uncover the truth and motivation behind the Intel plant purchase that was done not in the interests about Ohioans
  • Submitted affidavit for Sidney Powell’s election cases which have passed the test of time
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